AG79 Studios Signature Series #1

AG79 Studios took on a new project the last few months - we designed a new logo and a custom AG79 product for one of our favourite athletes; Swedish Linnea Stensils. Linnea will compete at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo and we wanted to encourage her and give her a little boost along the way. We decided to design the Stensils/AG79 Signature Series Spandex in Swedish Yellow and Blue just for her! The story about the fish - well, you will have to ask her. We hope Linnea will love her new spandex and wish her all the best for the future! GO LINNEA! Sincerely Team AG79  

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World Wide Shipping

Q: Do we ship world wide? A: Yes, please put any item in the cart at checkout and see how much shipping will be to your specific address - no purchase necessary. Thanks, Anders

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The shop is back online.

We are happy to bring back our shop online. Please allow for us to dial in our shop as we are more familiar with the analog world. As for the last ten years we are continuously committed to bring you casual luxury items just for you. //Anders

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